About Us

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At Articentral we are driven by one thing and one thing only, saving artisans time on the computer so they can spend more time at their workbench. We know how much love makers put into their crafts and are constantly inspired by the unique and gorgeous pieces crafted by artisans all over the world. With that in mind we set out to build a platform specifically designed for the artisan community. A platform that would address artisans needs and allow them to not only free up their time but also to get their amazing products in the hands of more people.

Meet the team

We’ve all loved arts and crafts since we were kids. Unfortunately, although we showed “some talent” as kids (check out some of our work by hovering over our photos) it was apparent at a young age we didn’t exactly have what it took to cut it as artisans. However, as we progressed through school we identified that what we lacked in artistic ability we made up for in technological creativity. Never losing touch with our appreciation for artwork, we decided to apply our unique set of skills (insert Liam Nelson joke) to the artisan community. After a long and winding journey, which you can read more about in our first blog post the team began building Articentral.

We always love talking to makers! If you have a question or comment or simply want to learn a little bit more about the team feel free to reach out! We’re more than happy to chat.

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